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About Dr. Tracy Evans

Dr. Tracy Evans, MD, author of STITCHES Memoir of a Trauma Surgeon, experienced trauma decades before she made it to the OR to perform surgeries. Dr. Evans shares her story in her memoir of overcoming many obstacles in order to achieve her dreams. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, Tim. When she is not in the operating room, Dr. Evans and her husband enjoy traveling, as well as documenting their adventures on their YouTube channel timandtracytravels.

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Dr. Tracy Evans takes readers on an eye-opening journey into her world, in this deeply personal story of struggle and triumph. Mistakes were made, and seemingly impossible dreams were realized when quitting was not an option.


This memoir takes its reader on a roller coaster ride from the drug-infested projects of Queens to the prestigious halls of New York University School of Medicine. The story begins in the 1980’s during the introduction and height of the AIDS epidemic and it ends in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The heroine transcends race and gender to ultimately emerge as a survivor. It is a captivating story about the choices that a young person made to not only survive but to thrive.

STITCHES Memoir of a Trauma Surgeon

Reviews for STITCHES Memoir of a Trauma Surgeon

’Stitches’ is riveting, thoroughly engaging the reader from the first page through every chapter as the author chronicles an often tumultuous yet ultimately victorious life. Her candor disarms while her resilience inspires.

LaMont Jones Jr., Ed.D,

International Journalist, and Book Publisher

This is an emotionally charged memoir which takes the reader into a world where overcoming the odds is a daily occurrence. It highlights the struggle that many individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds may encounter yet it galvanizes the reader to persevere in all circumstances.

Latasha Naidu, M.D.,

Infectious Disease Specialist

This story gripped me from its very first sentence and did not let go until the end. It is a mesmerizing narration of an inner-city girl hoping against the odds and ultimately realizing an extraordinary career dream.

Tim Grant,

Award-Winning Financial News Journalist, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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